The Perfect Space for Respectful Remembrance

Mactan Island Memorial Garden’s sprawling serene setting offers the perfect space for respectful remembrance. Situated in an idyllic part of Mactan Island in the Philippines, MIMG is a peaceful property that allows you the privacy you need for contemplation and prayer.


MIMG offers diversified and quality investments for those looking for long-term properties and plans in the memorial category.

Offers diversified and quality investments for those looking for long-term properties and plans in the memorial category

Mactan Island Memorial Garden has been your trusted brand in respectful remembrance.

Providing loved ones with a peaceful resting place, far from the bustle and noise of the city. Over the years, MIMG has been providing valuable services to clients and their families. A place of comfort for the bereaved and their departed.

To be able to provide these services, we work with you, our invaluable partners. And today, I am proud to announce that MIMG is transforming. 

Mactan Island Memorial Garden aims to cater to services beyond burial plots and spaces. Its sprawling grounds and peaceful resting places will be home to much more. 

Call it a 360-degree approach to memorial and death care.

Memorial Services for All 

Being a pioneer in the industry, we know how much viewing chapels are needed to comfort the bereaved. 

Because of this, we are introducing the MIMG Viewing Chapel. A premium space with a comforting ambiance and stately design fit to honor your loved ones. 

This exclusive area dedicated to excellent quality memorials is targeted to the A and B markets.  

Facilities include 5 rooms with a collapsible wall, ensuring flexibility. Rooms are fully air-conditioned with pantries and restrooms. They come equipped with conveniences and amenities such as hot and cold water dispensers and tables for snacks. What’s more the rates are very affordable. 

Excellently constructed building with premium rooms, comfortable seating, convenient amenities, flexible arrangements, and most of all, a solemn place to gather, grieve, and administer religious rites. 

To ensure ample and restful surroundings.

We are adding 2 hectares to our memorial garden. The 2-hectare expansion offers lawn lots and garden-type inventory.  That’s because our highly successful previous lawn lots have already sold out—-all 8 hectares of them. This new additional 2-hectare expansion guarantees new opportunities for you. More inventory, mainly of our two products, the lots and the family gardens, and thus more for you to sell. 

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