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Where Prestige Meets Purpose

At MSY Holdings, we embrace the privilege of transforming lives not just through exceptional real estate, but through our unwavering commitment to community development and philanthropy.


A company that provides distinctive and elevated lifestyle experiences, MSY Holdings has built a strong portfolio through the years to match the dreams and aspirations of every Filipino. An amalgam of Asian and European heritage, our culture’s richness is reflected in every project of each MSY subsidiary, depicting our pride in our traditions, influences, and vision to the world.


Today, MSY Holdings stands as a visionary force in Philippine real estate and resort luxury. Our distinctive portfolio includes property development, aspirational residential real estate projects, memorial estates, and 5-star hospitality brands. We develop meticulously designed properties that seamlessly blend timeless sophistication with contemporary comforts.

Dreams Beyond Architecture

As a residential property developer, we understand that dreams extend beyond architecture.


At Bayswater, discover Mediterranean-inspired homes in harmonious communities nestled at the heart of vibrant centers of growth. Reflecting the ease of Mediterranean style with rich colors, elegant design, and classical lines, Bayswater offers home categories to fit a range of discerning lifestyles.

Dreams Beyond Architecture
Indulge in  Stunning Luxury

Indulge in Stunning Luxury

Our unwavering commitment to crafting extraordinary living spaces transcends into our luxury resort development, Kandaya. Kandaya redefines the concept of 5-star indulgence, offering unparalleled amenities and impeccable service all within an exquisite resort property.


Escape into a white-sand haven with tranquil waters and oases of luxury located in the north of Cebu island. Rooms and villas transport you into a new world where you can unwind and rejuvenate, leaving behind the cares of everyday life. Kandaya bears the MSY seal of taste and unmatched quality.

A Brand of Respectful Remembrance

The same values of conscientious care are carried over to our other developments and to our memorial estate brand, Mactan Island Memorial Garden, which attends the needs of individuals and families for compassionate remembrance.


In addition to our expansive business of exclusive gated properties to upscale urban developments and 5-star resort experiences, we transform our communities based on our deep-rooted commitment to service and philanthropy.

A Brand of Respectful Remembrance
Building a Legacy  that Combines Prestige With Purpose

Building a Legacy that Combines Prestige With Purpose

We believe that true success is measured not only by building lasting businesses, but also by the positive impact we have on society. Our flagship social responsibility project, Operation Smile in the Philippines, exemplifies our dedication to bettering lives.


Through this internationally-driven initiative, we provide life-changing cleft palate surgeries to children in need across the Visayas, Mindanao, and other regions in the Philippines, restoring their smiles and transforming their futures.


Join us on a journey where luxury meets community, and where innovation intertwines with compassion. Go where dreams are not just built, but elevated to extraordinary heights. Explore our portfolio and experience the pinnacle of elegance, serenity, and purpose.

Our Charitable Foundation

MSY Charitable Foundation, Inc. (MSYCFI) represents the Corporate Social Responsibility Arm of MSY Holdings Corporation. The foundation has partnered with Operation Smile for over three decades, enabling hundreds of surgeries and procedures to benefit children with facial and cleft deformities in the Philippines.


As a next step to bring its medical mission to an entirely new level, the foundation is building a specialized wing at the Cebu City Medical Center to create a hub of specialized care. The medical wing will combine local and international medical expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and the dedicated efforts of MSY’s network of patrons and donors, to help transform more patients’ lives and change the trajectory of their futures.

Our Charitable Foundation
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MSY Holdings’ exceptional portfolio blends luxury with community and innovation with compassion. Explore our projects and experience the pinnacle of elegance, security, serenity, and purpose.
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