Perched along the crystalline coastline of Cebu island’s beautiful north, Kandaya is a hidden gem awaiting a discriminating traveler’s discovery. Named after the ancient protector and tribal chieftain Datu Daya, the resort is imbued with the historic charm and priceless beauty of Daanbantayan.

Escape to a Stunning Tropical Paradise

With strikingly elegant modern lines, this 5-star resort exudes quiet luxury, its every detail fit for the tasteful eye. Stylishly well-appointed with tropical touches, the resort boasts a total of 52 plus accommodations which include rooms, suites, and villas. with world-class amenities and otherworldly privacy and luxury weaved into every experience.


The service is impeccable, and the cuisine farm-to-table, showcasing the locals’ ingenuity, as well as their signature warmth and hospitality.


A host of experiences await you, including exploring the coast on horseback, traversing the turquoise waters on kayak, jet ski or Hobie cat, or cruising on a boat. Go on dive tours to discover Kandaya’s private beach cove in pristine Malapascua Island—an experience of nature’s untouched beauty.


Whether indulging in the serenity of a private villa or exploring a wealth of recreational activities, guests are treated to an unforgettable journey of relaxation and rejuvenation.

A hidden gem awaiting a discriminating traveler’s discovery

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