The name Kandaya has been associated with topnotch service quality, having been the flagship hospitality brand of MSY.

If you’re curious about what the gym has to offer, or recommending it as an add-on to your clients who are interested in being Talisay homeowners in any of our subdivision, give us a call. Kandaya Fitness Gym is the newest brand in MSY’s wellness verticals. We are passionate and proud about delivering only the best lifestyle for Filipinos. So don’t hesitate to reach out and sign up

We are extending this prestigious brand to our new venture.

Kandaya Fitness Gym embodies the same virtues of self-care and wellness, but offered to the B and C markets as an affordable way to fitness. 

This quality of a fitness center will be the first in its area. Situated in the Commercial Center. Right beside Bayswater Subdivision in Talisay, it is part of the MSY group of brands promising an ever-evolving and ever-improving lifestyle for Filipinos. 

A true local gem highlighting the best of tropical luxury

Kandaya Fitness Gym will be offering all the state-of-the-art facilities of a modern gym.

Including machines like treadmills and cardio equipment, free weights, and other comprehensive facilities to help gym-goers reach their wellness goals. Moreover, Kandaya Fitness Gym will be offering classes of the highest caliber such as Zumba, Boxing, Agility, HIIT, Strength Training, and Circuit Training for a full 360-degree fitness experience.

To be sure, residents in Talisay—from various communities and subdivisions (not just Baywater) —will be excited to know that this revolutionary gym is close to them. No need to travel to Cebu City to get quality fitness training and instruction!

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