MSY Holdings’ Real Estate Gala: An Event of Glamour, Unveilings, and Reinvention

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Cebu City, Philippines, January 17, 2024 — MSY Holdings, a dominant force in Cebu and Philippine real estate, wrapped up 2023 in a dazzling display of glamour and creativity. The company-hosted event unfolded under the theme “Enchanted Garden” and was an all-day business soiree held at the City Sports Club, Cebu Business Park.

The venue was transformed into a magical realm where the boundaries between fantasy and reality merged, all to the delight of the guests, who arrived fashionably clad in their fantasy ensembles ranging from mystical creatures to fairytale characters. As the doors of the City Sports Club ballroom opened, the guests were transported into a realm where floral arches, mystical lighting, and ethereal music set the stage for a one-of-a-kind experience.

The event was crafted to delight and inspire Cebu’s real estate community. The formidable guest list was comprised of business tycoons, leaders of society, MSY Holdings executives, and Cebu’s top real estate agents in full force.

The height of the event featured presentations of MSY’s revitalized brands by its leading resource persons. President and CEO Martin S. Yeung opened the series of unveilings by giving a thrilling welcome address, inviting all to a preview of things to come. The internationally educated and trained young CEO spoke eloquently about the company’s vision for the future and the role each brand plays in shaping the real estate narrative in Cebu and beyond. At the helm of MSY Holdings, he promised to redefine the way agents and clients interact with real estate, and to bring Cebu’s developments into a new era of accessibility and innovation.

MSY’s Refreshed Portfolio

MSY is heralding a new era of more aggressive growth for the company. The event proceeded to unveil the latest news on MSY’s real estate, hospitality and wellness brands. The succeeding presentations blended impeccable storytelling with data-driven insights and vital announcements that informed the audience of new opportunities for revenue and partnerships.

Harrington Place — Harrington Place’s developments will be located in two sites in Talisay, Cebu. The projects will bring new life into the city, providing affordable yet premium homes in gated communities for a fraction of the price you expect in a high-quality residential development. There are currently almost 500 available housing units for this project, opening up business and investment opportunities for agents and clients.

MIMG (Mactan Island Memorial Garden) — Having long been a trusted brand in respectful remembrance, MIMG is scaling up to more services. It is expanding beyond burial plots and spaces, and adapting a 360-degree approach to memorial services and death care.

MIMG is launching new projects, including its viewing chapel that will provide an elegant, welldesigned, and respectful space to honor loved ones, fully equipped with all modern amenities and conveniences. The company will also be offering more affordable options—well-appointed spaces and services that include all customers and give everyone access to quality memorial services.

MIMG is also adding two hectares to its memorial garden. The two-hectare expansion offers lawn lots and garden-type inventory. Its commercial success paves the way for more projects and opportunities for the real estate network.

Consolacion Partnerships — MSY has partnered with other leading developers in the region to create high-end luxury homes with scenic views in an exclusive residential development in Consolacion.

MSY Tower — MSY Holdings’ gem in the business district, the building is the HQ of the company and represents its vision for raising the bar on what’s possible. The tower is home to beautiful office spaces, state-of-the-art facilities, an upscale restaurant, and much more.

Kandaya Fitness Gym — Kandaya Fitness Gym is MSY’s new lifestyle vertical. It promises to deliver wellness closer to your doorstep. Located in proximity to one of MSY’s leading developments, Bayswater, this facility is accessible, innovative, and everything you want to experience in a wellness brand.

Kandaya Resort — A luxurious resort project of MSY Holdings, Kandaya is a hidden gem in the northernmost part of Cebu. It has redefined what it means to vacation in the Philippine islands—boasting pristine shores and uninterrupted relaxation.

Kandaya is already poised to become the first-ever 5-star luxury resort in Northern Cebu, and the first ever to be accredited to 5-star status by the Department of Tourism.

A New Year of Reinvigorated Partnerships

MSY Holdings’ successful real estate gala ended 2023 and kicked off 2024 with a clear resounding message for the real estate community of the region. The event elegantly culminated in a guest speech by the company’s original founders, international businessman Mr. Carlos Yeung and society powerhouse Dame Mariquita Salimbagon Yeung, whose philanthropic work has added a backbone of purpose to all of MSY Holdings’ endeavors.

The enchanting event successfully accomplished its objective of reinforcing MSY’s ties with Cebu and the region’s top real estate personalities and networks. As guests continued to share insights and forge new connections, the ripples of the relaunch reverberate into successful projects this new year.

MSY has proven once again that it in the ever-changing landscape of real estate, wellness, and property, creativity and innovation pave the way for a future of limitless possibilities.

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