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Amid the crystal-clear seas and tranquil shores of Northern Cebu, where nature’s beauty reigns supreme, Kandaya is hidden gem that is set to further redefine luxury travel in the Philippines.

Soon, Kandaya Resort is poised to become the first-ever 5-star luxury resort in Northern Cebu, and the first ever to be accredited to 5-star status by the Department of Tourism. This is a testament to Kandaya’s commitment to providing guests with an elevated experience of natural beauty, contemporary luxury, and warm Filipino hospitality.

A 5-Star Coastal Haven Like No Other

Kandaya Resort’s remarkable design is a study in contrasts—stark modernity harmoniously blended with tropical charm. The resort’s structures rise elegantly from the landscape with its clean lines and contemporary aesthetics seamlessly integrating with the pristine surroundings.

This unique fusion of design elements that perfectly compliments the natural beauty around the property creates a visual spectacle and atmosphere of serenity and sophistication.

The resort is home to an array of stunning beachfront villas and beautifully appointed rooms, where modern luxury meets the timeless charm of the tropics. Each villa and room is meticulously designed to offer guests an exclusive VIP experience in a private escape.

Just a few steps from your villa, you’ll find yourself enmeshed in the soft, white powdery sands and azure waters of the ocean.What’s more, Kandaya Resort sets itself apart through its exceptional level of service, a signature of the Filipino staff who call Cebu island home. The warmth and genuine hospitality of the Kandaya team ensure that every guest’s needs are carefully met.

Kandaya’s culinary experience is rooted in a garden bursting with locally-sourced ingredients. This garden, lovingly tended to by skilled local staff, supplies the freshest ethically grown produce to the resort’s dining outlets. From garden to table, the culinary team takes the locally-grown ingredients and crafts them into masterpieces of international cuisine with a distinct Filipino touch.

Experience Luxury and Pristine Beauty Today

Kandaya Resort is more than a tropical vacation. It’s a celebration of the beauty of Cebu island and the Philippines at its best. World travelers seeking new horizons, families looking for precious time together, partners looking for luxurious privacy, and nature enthusiasts looking for untouched beauty will find Kandaya a gateway to an unforgettable experience.

Come and experience a destination where contemporary luxury, pristine nature, and Filipino hospitality converge to create memories that last a lifetime. Contact us to book your stay and

embark on a 5-star journey of discovery, relaxation, and rejuvenation that only the Philippines—and Cebu—can offer.

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