Elevating Remembrance: Mactan Island Memorial Garden’s New Developments Set to Redefine Memorial Care

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Nestled at the heart of picturesque Mactan Island in Cebu, Mactan Island Memorial Gardens (MIMG), is a sprawling memorial garden and cemetery renowned for its serenity, reverence for the departed, and commitment to respectfully commemorating their eternal memory.

Created with careful attention to detail and integrating elements of nature, MIMG is an established sacred space for countless families to honor and cherish their departed loved ones. 

Now, as we step into the future, MIMG is evolving yet again. To meet its clientele’s needs comprehensively, the company is unveiling a profound addition to its legacy: eight brand-new wake chapels that are set to redefine the way we commemorate and celebrate the lives of our dear departed.

A Comprehensive Memorial Experience

The introduction of the new wake chapels represents an important milestone in MIMG’s mission to offer a more comprehensive memorial journey. We recognize that mourning isn’t just about saying goodbye, it’s about celebrating a life well lived. Hence, our wake chapels are meticulously designed and equipped with modern facilities to cater to all your needs during this challenging time.

A Space for Reflection

Mactan Island Memorial Gardens is known for its tranquil and lush surroundings. The wake chapels provide the perfect backdrop for moments of quiet reflection and meditation. Our beautifully landscaped gardens, with their vibrant flora and serene pathways, offer a peaceful retreat where you can find solace in nature.


Our chapels offer modern amenities and audio-visual equipment to facilitate memorial services, allowing you to share memories and stories in the most heartfelt way possible. Live-streaming capabilities are soon to follow, to ensure that loved ones from afar can be part of the service, even when they can’t be present physically.

Excellent Service to Meet Your Needs

We understand that the needs of each family are unique. Our wake chapels are designed to be versatile spaces that can be customized to accommodate various cultural and religious traditions. Whether you require a space for prayer, a gathering area for friends and family, or a place for quiet contemplation, our chapels can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Our Chapels: Places of Healing and Compassion

At Mactan Island Memorial Gardens, we understand that the process of bidding farewell to a loved one can be one of life’s most difficult chapters.

Our eight new wake chapels are more than just structures for gathering. Designed with timeless elegance in mind and seamlessly blending with the surrounding natural beauty, they are sanctuaries designed to offer solace, comfort, and a peaceful setting for those in mourning.

MIMG: Where Memories Flourish Eternal

Join us as we embark on this journey of expansion and evolution. We remain steadfast in our mission to support you and be a pillar of strength on your moments of vulnerability.

Watch for the launch of the MIMG chapels in Q4 of 2023. To learn more about our services and our new wake chapels, please contact us today.

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